The Origin And Changes Of Football Betting

Football betting and football have grown almost simultaneously. In England, where modern football originated, the tradition of football betting has a long history of one hundred years. Today, although there are tens of thousands of companies in the world, most of them are still from the UK, including the leading companies in this industry, including William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Esports. The information of many surrounding villages and small and medium-sized companies is often referred to or copied from their analysis.

In the UK, the earliest betting is somewhat similar to our domestic football lottery. Instead of winning a single game, you can choose to pass about ten games in dozens of games. All the prize money is accumulated in the prize pool for distribution. This is called ” Color Pool “. The most closely related to modern football betting is the later popular ” single lottery “, that is, a variety of guesses about a game, such as who wins and who loses, whether they will tie, who scores the first goal, the total number of goals, the final score, and so on. To this day, outside of Asia, these are still the main content of gambling. The popularity of gambling in Asia began in the 1980s. The gameplay at the time was basically copying the standard odds in Europe, and then making small adjustments based on the betting situation. Macau Gaming is now recognized as the largest neighboring house in Asia, and it is also the only professional institution that can compete with the oldest companies in Europe. The opportunity for their development comes from an “invention and creation”, that is, the Asian handicap. After integrating the odds of the European company, AOCA converted a dynamic handicap handicap to balance the strengths and betting tendencies of the opponents as much as possible, and formulated a total odds of 185%, that is, each game draws. 15% commission. With the intensification of competition and the need for development, this proportion has now increased. This method is now used by all Asian bookmakers, and the AoCai also expanded rapidly until it went public.

Football betting has developed to this day, and there are many types of it. The most influential one is ” traveling “, which means that the odds of the handicap will be rolled and changed at any time according to the progress of the game . This has greatly increased the stimulus and risk of gambling, and the turnover of the bookmaker has also increased exponentially. The many “accidents” of this World Cup have caused continuous updates in the gameplay, but this is not a new invention. As early as thirty years ago, some large companies in Europe had already made similar attempts, but they were eventually abandoned because of easy cheating.